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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the components of the data governance framework?

Section 4 describes the various data governance framework components and how transportation organizations implement them. The components include goals and objectives, policies, organizational models and maturity models. Section 5 Data Lifecycle Management.

How can government become more responsive to manage data assets?

To manage these assets, government needs to become • responsive with the ability to transform data into information and decisions; • support interoperability in order to share information; • effective and efficient data custodians to manage data discovery and access; and • a trusted source to manage data quality and privacy.

Should arc adopt data governance practices?

Many organizations that adopt data governance practices recognize the need to undergo a cultural transformation, changing the ways individuals and systems handle and process data. TSMO strategies also require cultural change, thus, there may be no better time for ARC and its stakeholders to adopt data governance practices then now.

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