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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Field Nation and how does it work?

Instead of hiring permanent employees, companies started using contractors to deliver their on-site labor. And full-time employees were opting for flexible work opportunities. Identifying an opportunity to address the growing need for companies and independent workers to easily connect with one another, Khan created Field Nation.

How is your business managed through Field Nation?

“Everything we do is managed through Field Nation: materials, lists, shipping, everything… If it’s not in Field Nation, it didn’t happen.” “We can’t have a device down, and Field Nation allows us to respond within an hour if there is an issue. In our business, timeliness is everything- and Field Nation is always right on top of it.”

Is Field Nation good for remote workers?

“Field Nation consistently helps us find workers in remote areas when we get stuck. Of the thousands of jobs we did last year through the Field Nation marketplace, we were able to find a technician 100% of the time.” What makes Field Nation the best marketplace solution?

How often does Field Nation pay service providers?

Field Nation pays service providers twice weekly and issues 1099s. Field Nation seamlessly integrates with the most popular CRM, ERP, and IT management solutions to improve efficiency and minimize data loss. There are thousands of outstanding service providers who go above and beyond every single day on Field Nation.

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