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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Field Nation and how does it work?

Field Nation is an online matching service for IT contractors and other freelancers. In 2004, Field Nation CEO Mynul Khan began developing a web-based platform for a single client to manage the outsourcing of their IT work. The platform soon began generating 3 million in revenue, and in March 2008 Khan launched Field Nation.

What does Field Nation Pro include?

Field Nation Pro includes one background check and drug test per year ($75+ value) when you’ve completed five work orders – ensuring you’re always up to date and considered for more jobs. Track how many miles you drive for work orders right in the Field Nation mobile app.

Is Field Nation good for remote workers?

“Field Nation consistently helps us find workers in remote areas when we get stuck. Of the thousands of jobs we did last year through the Field Nation marketplace, we were able to find a technician 100% of the time.” What makes Field Nation the best marketplace solution?

Why choose Rerely on field nation?

Rely on Field Nation to pay technicians weekly and issue 1099 tax paperwork on your behalf at the end of the year. We know problems don’t always happen between 9 am and 5 pm. That’s why our support team is available around-the-clock.

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