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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Field Nation Pro include?

Field Nation Pro includes one background check and drug test per year ($75+ value) when you’ve completed five work orders – ensuring you’re always up to date and considered for more jobs. Track how many miles you drive for work orders right in the Field Nation mobile app.

Why work with Field Nation?

Leave the administrative work to us. Find work that fits your experience with the all-in-one solution for connecting businesses with skilled IT technicians like you. With 20,000+ work orders each week across the US and Canada, Field Nation gives you the flexibility to work anytime, anywhere.

How do I get Started with Field Nation?

Sign-up for a free account from your web browser and start creating work orders to connect with technicians immediately. Once work orders are approved, we handle the rest. Field Nation pays service providers twice weekly and issues 1099s.

Who should download the field nation app?

Who should download this app: Anyone living in the US or Canada with IT skills who’s interested in completing on-site work. Field Nation asks to collect some location data in the background to enable critical features and will only store some data to support direct improvements to the app experience.

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