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Frequently Asked Questions

Is field agent a scam or legit?

Yes, Field Agent is a legitimate mystery shopping app that pays you for completing small jobs around town. Since launching in 2010, the app has paid out more than $20 million to Agents like you.

What is your review of Field Nation?

Field Nation is the exact opposite. They encourage collaboration, communication, and they listen! The product is amazing and each department is solid all the way around. I truly cannot say enough good things about this company and the people who run it.

Is Field Nation a good company to work for?

I was able to get about 6 months of relevant IT experience and that opened the door to new opportunities. I would recommend Field Nation to anyone who wants to get into IT and is struggling with getting recognized by hiring managers because you’re new to the field and looking for experience. Was this review helpful?

Is fieldnation worth it anymore?

Fieldnations new payment structure makes it no longer worth it. Get out there and get your own contracts, stop taking contracts through fieldnation they no longer serve a purpose. It can take MONTHS to get paid under the new payment structure for 30% of the pay you'd get otherwise.

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