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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add objects to a figma auto layout?

Use the modifier key to bypass Figma's default behavior and add larger objects to an auto layout. Or, to add objects to a nested Auto layout. You can nest an auto layout frame within another auto layout frame. This allows you to combine horizontal and vertical layouts to create complex interfaces.

How do I use the autofigma tool?

Figma will create a frame around your selection, and add auto layout. Tip! You can bypass Figma's default parenting behavior. Hold down the modifier key to keep an object within the current frame, or prevent Figma from nesting it. You can duplicate existing objects to add them to the Auto layout.

What's new in figma?

We’re happy to announce that Auto Layout is now live in Figma! Buttons can resize with their text. Lists can rearrange themselves when items are moved around. And elements can be nested to create complex interfaces which respond to their content. Building Auto Layout has been a fun but long journey for us.

What happens after I update my frame in figma?

After updating your frame: Figma will try to maintain your original design visually. In many cases, Figma will add intermediate frames to allow for differing alignments. These frames will be named Auto-added frame.

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