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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply constraints to objects in figma?

You can apply Constraints to any object within a Frame . You can also apply Constraints to Frames you have nested within other Frames. You can apply both horizontal and vertical constraints to objects. You can use Constraints to define how objects respond in scrolling Prototypes. Learn more about Prototyping in Figma.

What can you do with figma?

In Figma, we let you fix objects to the left, right, top, bottom, center, scale, left & right, or top & bottom. You can play around with a simple button in a frame to see how objects react to different types of constraints.

How do I make a navigation bar in figma?

With Figma, you can use constraints to snap objects to a grid. This is particularly handy for something like a navigation bar at the bottom of an app. To make a flexible nav-bar in Figma, create the frame that serves as the phone screen then nest the nav-bar frame at the bottom of the screen. Set the nav-bar constraints to left & right, and bottom.

What are the most common issues with figma?

The most common issues usually stem from the misconception about how auto layout and constraints work in Figma. I won’t delve too deeply into the topic as there are many video tutorials (even from Figma itself) that explain it better than I am able to.

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