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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best icons for figma?

Feather icons is another great Figma icon set. The icons are set on a 24×24 grid. Feather is an open source set of icons. Cole Bemis first designed it. Mauricio Quezada adapted it as a component resource for Figma. First of all, the icons in this set are simple. That has been the number one priority since their inception.

How many icons are there in Figjam?

27,000 new icons, available in PNG and SVG. Search icons by name or scroll through the entire list. Filter by category, change style and size, and choose between different styles: filled, outlined, rounded, etc. Original creator: @reeseovine I suppose plugins are not available in FigJam as yet.

What is the figma community plugin?

This is a Figma Community plugin. Community is a space for Figma users to share things they create. Get started with a free account → @demon What has happened? If something is not working, just let us know.

What is the title of your material design icons plugin?

Your plugin's title is Material Design Icons with their logo. I install your plugin and see some "Classic" and "Icons8" sections. Why is your navigation different from the navigation on Google fonts?

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