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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I import files into figma?

There are a few different ways to import files into Figma. The File Importer allows you to select local files from your Computer and import them to your File Browser. You can use this to method to import: Tip! Learn more about supported Sketch features in our Import Sketch Files article.

How do I export figma frames to PDF?

The Figma PDF export will be a single file with several pages, each of which contains a frame. The process is slightly different for this: 1. Once you have your frames, use File → Export → Export Frames to PDF to save the PDF file. 2. The system will automatically order the frames from top left to bottom right, as they appear on the Figma platform.

What file formats does figfigma support?

Figma supports different file formats for each approach. File Browser Figma Files (.fig) Sketch Files (.sketch) Image Files (PNG, JPG or GIF) Editor Vector Files (SVG) Image Files (PNG, JPG or GIF) Add Files to Figma. Open the page in Figma you want to add the file to. This could be the File Browser, or a specific Figma File.

How do I convert a figma file to a presentation?

You can also take the help of a Figma PDF export plugin like Pitchdeck, which supports PDF and will give you the output in the form of presentation slides. Figma is an excellent platform because of the vast third-party ecosystem around it. However, it's not the easiest platform to work on.

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