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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will figma resize the object when I resize it?

If we resize the Frame to 200px wide, Figma will resize the object to a width of 140px, 70% of 200px.

How do I change the size of the text in figma?

Click and drag to change the dimensions of the bounding box. Figma will reposition the text within the layer based on its current alignment properties. Use the Scale tool We recommend using the Font Size property to adjust the size of your Text.

How do I use groups in figma?

Similar to other design tools, groups in Figma allow you to combine multiple elements together as a single top level layer. A group's bounds are determined by its child elements, so resizing or moving those elements will cause the group's bounds to adjust automatically.

What are constraints in figma?

Constraints can only be applied to objects within Frames. Constraints tell Figma how objects should respond as you resize their Frames. This helps you to control how designs look across different screen sizes and devices.

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