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Frequently Asked Questions

How did figma grow its revenue in 2020?

Figma was the 3rd-fastest-growing app in 2020, according to Okta’s Businesses at Work report, and expects revenue to double this year from $75m in 2020. In June, Figma raised $200m in a round that valued the company at $10B, per Forbes. Figma’s story starts back to 2012…

What is Figma and why is it so popular?

Figma, launched in 2016, already has millions of users and expects annual recurring revenue to more than double this year from $75 million in 2020, according to sources. Joe Biden’s campaign managed all its visual assets via Figma. And when toilet paper ran out across the U.S. in 2020, Kimberly-Clark drafted reorder forms using Figma’s tools.

Who is the owner of figma?

Forbes estimates that Field and cofounder Evan Wallace, 31, each own about 10% of Figma, making them near-billionaires. ( Forbes applies a 10% private-company discount.) The mission today is simple: As Google Docs did for word processing and GitHub for code, so Figma is doing for design.

How many employees does funfigma have?

Figma has 539 employees. What is Figma revenue? Latest Figma annual revenue is $3 m. What is Figma revenue per employee? Latest Figma revenue per employee is $5.6 k.

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