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Frequently Asked Questions

How does figma work with smart animate?

Figma takes into account both the layer's name and where it sits within the hierarchy. For layers that match between frames, Figma recognizes what's changed and applies transition to animate between them. You can apply Smart Animate to entire objects or Components, as well as individual layers within a Component or group.

What are the new prototyping features in figma?

Today, we’re introducing new prototyping features that will open the door to new transition possibilities in Figma. They’ll help bring more of your interaction design ideas to life: Smart Animate, a new transition type that automatically animates similar objects and improves existing transitions

How do I create an overlay animation in figma?

Select what kind of interaction will trigger the animation. Select Open Overlay from the actions. Figma will determine the Destination based on where the connection ends. For this interaction, you want this to be the overlay frame.

What is smart animate?

Smart Animate looks for matching layers, recognizes differences, and animates layers between frames in a prototype. You can select Smart Animate from the list of transitions, when building a prototype. You can also apply Smart Animate with other transitions to create seamless animations. Smart Animate allows you to quickly create advanced ...

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