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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose file savers for data recovery in Seattle?

When a malfunction leads to data loss, manufacturers prefer that you send their products to a reputable data recovery company. File Savers is one of the best data recovery companies in Seattle. Some Seattleites burdened with high living expenses may try to work on their own devices to avoid the cost of recovery services.

How much does file Savers charge to recover my data?

File Savers will not give up until we can either recover your data from your iPhone or iOS device, or definitively prove that is not recoverable. In the unlikely chance that we can’t recover your data, there is no charge for the recovery attempt.

Why choose file Savers?

Our mission at File Savers is to give our customers the best possible chance for data restoration for iOS devices, and to provide the best customer service experience throughout all steps in the data recovery process. Unix is an open source operating system designed with computer programmers in mind.

Are data recovery services included in Seattle homeowners insurance?

Since Seattle is prone to quakes, keep in mind that data recovery services may be included in your home owner’s insurance or renters’ insurance in the event of a disaster like the 2001 Nisqually Earthquake. Logical failures: Includes accidental deletion of data, reformatting, or booting errors.

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