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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Fish Mooney send Butch looking for Gordon?

When Fish Mooney discovers that Cobblepot was still alive, after overcoming a fit of rage, she sends Butch looking for Gordon so she could talk to him. Later, Fish met with Falcone and Nikolai. Fish and Nikolai try and convince him the importance of killing Gordon, Bullock, and Penguin, though to no avail.

Who is Fish Mooney in the comics?

—Fish Mooney to Penguin [src] Maria Mercedes "Fish" Mooney was a former member of the Falcone crime family and the owner of Mooney's Nightclub.

Is Fish Mooney Dead or Alive?

Even after her second and final death, Fish Mooney was still remembered as one of the most powerful villains in the history of Gotham City, listed among other legends such as Jerome Valeska and Oswald Cobblepot.

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