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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose fitness Premier?

Get the amenities you’d expect with a big-box gym membership with the community and service you’d expect from a boutique studio. It’s the best of everything! Fitness Premier has a membership to fit everyone.

What is it like to work out at FUNfitness Premier?

Fitness Premier is a great place to workout! It is very clean and energetic. I appreciate the fact that many members understand the importance of wiping down machines, yoga mats, weights, etc. Great atmosphere! Will be continuing membership! My children and I go to the Bourbonnais location every morning and we love it.

What can I do with the fitness premier clubs app?

Put the power of the gym in the palm of your hand with the Fitness Premier Clubs App. Check out class schedules. Earn rewards for checking in or working out—including gear, drinks, a free month’s membership. All by using the app. Members, you can use it to: FITNESS PREMIER CLUBS? I highly recommend this gym!

Why choose fitness Premier Mahomet for your next workout?

At Fitness Premier Mahomet we’ve created a space designed to ensure you can maximize your workout. This includes access to shower rooms and Theragun Recoverey. Our 30 Day Challenge is the perfect catalyst for change. All it takes is 30 days to change your habits and start living your best life!

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