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Frequently Asked Questions

Is NASM a good certification?

NASM is very good but limits the information in the Cert to mostly prehab and restoring function, which again is very good. ACE followed NASM with movement screens and such, their certification has more depth than NASM but no real programming solution like the NASM OPT.

Do I need a personal trainer at the gym?

A personal trainer can provide you with effective workouts that keep you motivated and help you reach your goals. In fact, a study published in the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine demonstrated that your success rate jumps over 30 percent when you enlist the help of a personal trainer at the gym.

What to do first at the gym?

Here are some things you should do on the first day of the gym: Get to know people. Let people know you are new. Let people know your goals. But don't talk too much. Before even moving a single weight, ask your trainer or whoever is the responsible person. Leave your ego at the door. Bring a water bottle and towel. Earphones if you prefer.

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