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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the phone number for Florida Department of revenue?

Phone Number of Florida Department of Revenue is +1-800-955-8771 / 850-617-8600 . Florida Department of Revenue is a state owned government department that comes under the state government of Florida.

Does Florida Tax Federal pensions?

Florida has no state income tax. This means any earnings, whether from wages or from a pension, are tax-free at the state level. Even if you have an IRA in which you have accumulated savings over years of income in another state, if you move to Florida, your withdrawals will not be taxed.

What are Florida payroll taxes?

Payroll taxes in Florida are defined as the tax taken from the paychecks of all employees. This includes federal withholding, Social Security and Medicare taxes.

What is the function of the Department of revenue?

Agency Funct ion and Subfunctions. The mandated function of the Department of Revenue is to supervise and control the valuation, equalization, and assessment of property, to collect such taxes, and to enforce the tax laws of the state.

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