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Frequently Asked Questions

How many numbers are in the Florida Lottery?

Florida's Lotto is 6/53, meaning that six numbers are drawn from a possible 53. To play Lotto, indicate your six chosen numbers by marking the numbered squares on a play slip. Then take the play slip to a lottery retailer (or agent).

How do you check lottery tickets?

Check lottery tickets for winners by visiting the state lottery's website. Select the game played, and check the winning numbers against the numbers on the lottery ticket. Nearly every state maintains a website for its lottery system. The websites list pertinent information for various games,...

How long are Florida Lottery tickets good for?

According to the official National Lottery rules, a prize-winning Lotto ticket is valid for 180 days (around 6 months) from the draw taking place. If the prize is not claimed in that time, the ticket is void and the prize is handed over to the fund for Good Causes.

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