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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Font vs. a typeface?

What's the Difference Between a Font, a Typeface, and a Font Family? Typeface: The Name of the Stylized Glyphs. The word "typeface" historically refers specifically to the shape and style of the letters, organized into a set based on the alphabet, numbers, ... Font: The Specific Tool (or File) That Contains a Typeface. ... Font Family: A Collection of Related Fonts. ... Confusing the Terms. ...

What is the best modern font?

Helvetica Neue is one of the most popular font style used in this modern generation which is rank as one of the top best-selling fonts of all time. This font has 51 font weights available including light, italic, bold, black and others.

What font is used for computer?

Although all types are still in use, most fonts seen and used on computers are outline fonts. Fonts are designed and created using font editors. Fonts specifically designed for the computer screen and not printing are known as screen fonts.

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