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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best font for a script?

Good script fonts include True North, Black Jack, Oleo Script and Honey Script. Others include Authentica, Marketing Script and Aguafina Script Regular.

What is the most popular script font?

These fonts reveal more personality than formal scripts and that is why they are popular for advertising across the Atlantic, including North America and Europe, especially during the 1970s. Popular variations of casual scripts include the Mistral, Kaufmann, and the Brush Script.

Is Georgian written in Cyrillic?

Both Armenian and Georgian are written in their own distinctive alphabets, and these two languages are the sole examples of languages that were not required to change to the Cyrillic alphabet in the late 1930s.

How many letters does the Cyrillic alphabet have?

Based on the Greek ceremonial script, the original Cyrillic alphabet included the 24 letters of the Greek alphabet and 19 letters for sounds specific to the Slavic language.

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