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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best font for cursive?

Suarez is a stylized handwritten cursive font with ligatures for improved flow and reading comprehension. It's best for invitations, greeting cards, books, menus and posters.

What fonts are cursive?

Cursive in typography. Another type of cursive font is the Berthold Cursive which was created by Gunter Gerhard Lange for Berthold and was released in 1977. Another style created for Berthold in the same year was the Poppl-Residenz Pro and is a beautifully elegant font that was created by Friedrich Poppl who was a professor and designer.

What is the most common cursive font?

While Mac and Windows computers share no common cursive fonts, they do share some other base fonts. These shared fonts include the Arial family, Franklin Gothic, Impact, Tahoma and Times New Roman, to name a few.

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