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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Forman Mills a good place to visit?

U have to go with lots of time in ur hands to really look around and find hidden treasures in that store, its a bit overwhelming but i always a good find u wont be disappointed I've always heard about Forman Mills but never ventured into their stores until now.

What is the phone number for Forman Mills?

800-994-Mills (6455) 800-994-Mills Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Email HomePage StoreLocator JobsNow Hiring! See OurFashions Mens Ladies Kids & Toys School Uniforms Team Gear Shoes Home Click Here To See Recent Ad & Recent Videos Follow Us on Instagram! #FORMANMILLS1 [enjoyinstagram_mb_grid] FORMAN MILLS

What happened to Forman Mills?

When Forman sold Forman Mills in 2016, the company was based in Pennsauken and employed 3,000. Goode Partners L.L.C., a New York investment group whose investments over the years have included Villa clothing stores (the Philly-based former Sneaker Villa), La Colombe coffee shops, and Skullcandy earphones, bought it.

What happened to Forman’s shop in Moorestown?

“We want shockingly low prices,” Forman said. “There is always a large vendor who is in trouble. ” Forman has launched two locations, one in Northeast Philadelphia opened in September and his Moorestown location earlier this month. Forman closed a third location in a former Modell’s store on Roosevelt Boulevard as he concentrates on the other two.

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