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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the phone number for Forman Mills?

800-994-Mills (6455) 800-994-Mills Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Email HomePage StoreLocator JobsNow Hiring! See OurFashions Mens Ladies Kids & Toys School Uniforms Team Gear Shoes Home Click Here To See Recent Ad & Recent Videos Follow Us on Instagram! #FORMANMILLS1 [enjoyinstagram_mb_grid] FORMAN MILLS

What is Forman Mills known for?

Forman launched the Forman Mills chain, popular for its radio and television ads blaring FORR-MANN-MILLS, in 1983 in a turn-of-the-century Frankford warehouse. Forman stocked casual and activewear clothing, school uniforms, belts, wallets, and sports jerseys.

What happened to Forman Mills owner Tom Forman?

Five years ago, Forman sold his chain of 36 Forman Mills clothing outlet stores for about $100 million, and thought he’d retire. But he whiffed on an early investment into the unicorn delivery service Gopuff. He considered buying a South Jersey flea market. Retailing “is in my blood,” Forman said.

What happened to Forman’s shop in Moorestown?

“We want shockingly low prices,” Forman said. “There is always a large vendor who is in trouble. ” Forman has launched two locations, one in Northeast Philadelphia opened in September and his Moorestown location earlier this month. Forman closed a third location in a former Modell’s store on Roosevelt Boulevard as he concentrates on the other two.

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