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Frequently Asked Questions

How can formative assessment help you achieve your goals?

Being clear on the expectations and communicating our goals clearly helps us see the path. Formative assessment, the practice of using formal and informal assessment during learning to gather information used to modify activities to improve student success, is a great tool for helping me and my students know where we are in tracking our goals.

What is formformative assessment?

Formative assessment is a collaborative learning process happening “with” students, not “to” students. “Elicit and use evidence of student learning.”

When should formative assessment evidence be used?

Using formative assessment evidence is appropriate for making decisions during the practice phases of learning; formative assessment scores are not appropriate for calculating grades or for making placement decisions. “Support students to become self-directed learners.”

What is the difference between formative and summative assessment?

Without formative assessments, it is almost impossible for the teacher to recognize when the student is struggling and to provide the right support. Unlike summative assessment that happens at the end of a course, formative assessment tracks the student’s knowledge level on the go.

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