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Frequently Asked Questions

What does formulative mean?

The definition of formulate is to create a strategy or come up with a plan or idea, or to express an idea in a clear, concise way.

What is formative tendency?

The Formative Tendency. Instead, she seeks to nurture the conditions in which the actualising tendency of the client can work for maintenance and growth. Carl Rogers believed that the actualising tendency of individual organisms is a microcosm of a broader 'formative' tendency that is evident in the progression from disorder to order,...

What is formative moment?

Answer Wiki. A formative moment could also be very dramatic, anything from abuse to a parent dieing, that could change the way that person sees the world for the rest of their life. Many formative moments happen when we don't even realize or when we are very very young. They added to our character before we could speak!

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