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Frequently Asked Questions

How many races are there in Formula 1?

There are only two races remaining in the Formula 1 season, Saudi Arabia on Dec. 3, and Abu Dhabi on Dec. 12. The Jeddah circuit in Saudi Arabia, like Qatar’s Lusail track, is new to Formula 1. Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina circuit dates back to 2009 for F1 ...

When is the next Formula 1 race?

You have adrenaline all over the place from fleet race #1 to end with a meaningless 3 boat parade. F1 World Championships are defined by points too, no need to have 3 cars for people to understand the race and who will take the Cup. Nonsense having these final races, and hopefully Coutts will change this. On the rest, Sail GP is F1 on the Water.

Who won Formula 1?

Verstappen passed Lewis Hamilton on a final lap restart to win the 2021 world title at Abu Dhabi on Sunday. Verstappen had fresh tires for the final restart after he was 11 seconds back of Hamilton when Nicholas Latifi crashed with five laps to go.

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