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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you start a F1 race in the rain?

Starting the race behind the safety car due to heavy rain requires cars to be fitted with wet tyres until they make a pit stop. In case of slippery track water, it is signalized by Yellow and red stripes flag. * Season still in progress. ↑ "List of Rain races". ↑ "F1 seasons stats".

How many wet weather Formula One races have there been?

List of all wet weather Formula One World Championship races Year No. of Wet races % of races in season 1 2 1950 1 14 GBR MON 1951 1 13 SUI 1952 3 38 SUI 500 1953 1 11 ARG 500 29 more rows ...

What Formula 1 races have been red flagged?

Formula One World Championship races that have been red-flagged Race Lap R Winner Incident that prompted red flag Failed to make the restart Ref. 1950 Indianapolis 500: 138 N Johnnie Parsons: Rain. 1971 Canadian Grand Prix: 64 N Jackie Stewart: Rain. 1973 British Grand Prix: 2 Y Peter Revson

Is Formula One scared of the rain?

Formula One isn’t scared of a little rain, but a lot of rain — well, that’s a different story.

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