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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Freddie Highmore have a girlfriend?

Recently, it is also rumored that he started dating with an American actress, Abigail Breslin since November 2016. But none of them has confirmed their dating. The couple hasn't attended any award function together neither spotted together. So, there is no confirmation who Freddie Highmore girlfriend is.

Is Freddie Highmore dating anyone?

Freddie Highmore is not dating anyone at the moment . In fact, there is no news of the 29-year-old actor having any girlfriend since the year 2018. The volatile teenage relationship with Dakota Fanning did not work out well and Freddie is still facing its consequences.

Does Freddie Highmore have a twin?

Unlike popular belief, Bertie and Freddie are not twin brothers. Freddie is rather his older brother, who was born Alfred Thomas Highmore on February 14, 1992. Just in case you didn’t know, Bertie’s older brother Freddie is a successful actor.

Where does Freddie Highmore live?

Highmore lives in London and avoids social media. While on Bates Motel, Highmore developed a close friendship with co-star Vera Farmiga and became the godfather of her son. Apart from English, Highmore is also fluent in Spanish and French, and semi-fluent in Arabic. He is a supporter of Arsenal F.C. and owns season tickets.

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