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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FreeBSD good for?

FreeBSD is good for servers, not for Desktops. FreeBSD has a full-featured sound subsystem, giving low-latency in-kernel mixing allowing multiple applications to play sound (with independent volume settings) with no configuration.

What is FreeBSD used for?

FreeBSD is an OS that is primarily used for high-end servers and other tasks that are invisible to most end users. FreeBSD has other rare uses, including as a desktop OS replacement, which is how I use it when answering this question.

What are the differences between FreeBSD and Linux?

Some of the differences between Linux and FreeBSD are as follows: Licensing differences Differences in licensing of both Linux and FreeBSD is one of the major differences between them. ... Lineage differences The history and lineage of the systems is another major difference between Linux and FreeBSD. ... The difference in the scope of the system

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