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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I calculate the exchange rate in Excel?

Use Vlookup () to grab the exchange rate you want for your calculation. Note: Vlookup requires the source data to be sorted on the column you’ll be using for the lookup. Do that from the Data | Sort tab. You have to re-sort the list after each time the data is refreshed.

How do I update the exchange rates in Excel price feed?

Any time you wish to update the exchange rates, simply press the "Refresh Sheet" button on the Excel Price Feed toolbar, no more copying/pasting exchange rates! Excel Price Feed also provides the ability to retrieve historic exchange rates into Excel cells.

How can I get an accurate FX rate representation in Excel?

The devil is in the detail and one needs to properly account for the settlement period associated with a given fx rate. The Deriscope Excel add-in supports an accurate fx rate representation by employing an object of type FXValue, the structure of which is shown below:

How to convert currency in Excel?

Convert currency in Excel with Excel function. Convert currency in Excel with Kutools for Excel. In general, we need to get the latest exchange rate between the two specified currencies, and then multiply the latest exchange rate to convert the original currency to the given currency.

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