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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hothouse used for in gardening?

A hothouse is used to lock the heat around the plants; you can make a similar one for yourself like above using the tomato cage. Get the details here! 2. Tiny Mason Jar Greenhouse To start your seeds, try this no-cost tiny mason jar greenhouse idea.

How do you make a hot bed in your garden?

A hot bed or box is a simple structure and, with basic tools and DIY abilities, you should be able to make one. Look for garden hot box designs online to guide your construction or just build a very simple structure with four planks of wood or concrete blocks on each side. Add a hinged lid with clear glass or plastic.

What are the coolest DIY greenhouse ideas to follow?

This trampoline-turned-greenhouse is one of the coolest DIY greenhouse ideas on this list to follow! 25. Pop-Bottle Greenhouse With old tires as the base and two rain barrels on the side, this DIY Pop-Bottle Greenhouse is really an innovative idea to follow!

What is a garden house design?

Garden house designs create gorgeous outdoor rooms that can bed beautifully decorated to look like modern home interiors, perfect for fun and art activities. Small garden house designs are flexible and can adjust to your needs and lifestyle. It can be a gym or a craft room, kids’ playhouse, or guest bedroom.

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