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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the formula to calculate gear ratio?

Gear ratio can be calculated by dividing the diameter of both gears or their number of teeth. If gear ratio > 1 then it’s speed reduction, if smaller then it’s for system to speed up, if equal one it’s just for transmitting power with same speed to transmit it just to another location depending on geometry of design.

What is the gearing ratio, and how is it calculated?

Gearing is measured by the use of a 'Gearing Ratio', which is calculated by dividing the Total Equity by Debt . Capital Gearing ratio tries to build relationship between the companies Equity Capital and Fixed Interest bearing Capital. The formula of the Capital Gearing ratio is very simple.

How do I check gear ratio?

To check the gear ratio of the outdrive with the outdrive still on the boat, (with the engine off ) put the drive in forward gear and turn the front of the engine over in a clockwise rotation with a socket and a breaker bar at least 1/4 of a turn to take the slop out.

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