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Frequently Asked Questions

What is gogeeksforgeeks?

GeeksforGeeks opens a whole realm to programming and also is regarded as the Bible for those who want to participate and compete in the area of coding because it provides you with ample amount of questions to practice and improvises your skills in not only coding but also for placements.

What is your review of geeksforgeeks?

I think GeeksforGeeks is the best platform for learning things from basic to advanced in a structured way and their content is also so helpful for an interview, placement, semester perspective. I first referred to it during my gate time.

Who is the founder of geeksforgeeks?

Sandeep Jain (FOUNDER) An IIT Roorkee alumnus and founder of GeeksforGeeks. Apart from GeeksforGeeks, he has worked with DE Shaw and Co. as a software developer and JIIT Noida as an assistant professor. Are the problems on GeeksforGeeks good? Is it a good strategy to start with GeeksforGeeks problems and then head to CodeChef or TopCoder?

How many websites does geeksforgeeks have?

Technically speaking, GeeksForGeeks has 21,018 webpages which contain a lot of potential information.

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