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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the geeksforgeeks self-paced DSA course?

How is the GeeksforGeeks self-paced DSA course? At INR 2499, DSA Self Paced by GeeksforGeeks is the most comprehensive & value for money Data Structures & Algorithm course in the market. I enrolled in this course after panic buying many other DSA course and regretting, in the seventh semester of my B.Tech.

Which is the best DSA course for beginners?

DSA Self Paced Course This DSA Self Paced Course is specifically designed for beginners, whether it be students or working professionals, who want to learn the Data Structures and Algorithms concepts from basic to the advanced level.

What are the topics covered in a DSA course?

The course covered all the important DSA topics like Time & Space complexity, Mathematics, Bitwise Magic, Recursion, Arrays, Searching, Sorting, Matrix, Hashing, Strings, Linked, List, Stack, Queue, Tree, Binary Search Tree, Heap, Graph, Greedy, Backtracking, Dynamic Programming, Graph Advanced, Trie, Segment, Tree, Disjoint Set etc

Which it companies focus more on DSA skills during the interviews?

Almost every IT giant including Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc. focuses more on the DSA skills of the candidates during the interviews.

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