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Frequently Asked Questions

What is geeksforgeeks?

GeeksforGeeks is the complete portal for interview preparation. The solution to every problem is explained in a structured manner along with its time and space complexity analysis. The practice portal of GeeksForGeeks contains all the interview questions asked by various companies along with difficulty level.

What is the geeksforgeeks complete interview preparation course?

The GeeksforGeeks Complete Interview Preparation course is a one-stop solution for the students and working professionals that consists of every single requirement of yours for placement preparation in a single place. The course includes t

What is your review of geeksforgeeks?

I think GeeksforGeeks is the best platform for learning things from basic to advanced in a structured way and their content is also so helpful for an interview, placement, semester perspective. I first referred to it during my gate time.

Where can I share my'interview experiences'?

Here, you can find 'Interview Experiences' for all the companies! Recent 'Interview Experiences'! To share your "Interview Experience", please mail your interview experience to [email protected] Also, to share interview questions, please add questions at Contribute a Question!

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