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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose geeksforgeeks complete interview preparation course?

The GeeksforGeeks Complete Interview Preparation Course will help the students to connect with the interview pattern of tech companies and then prepare accordingly to crack the dream job. Most of the time, individuals make a mistake that they concentrate on a few topics or subjects and somehow ignore the other ones while preparing for placements.

How to prepare for Tech interviews?

Furthermore, you need to know that most of the tech interviews conduct a screening round first that is concerned with the Aptitude and Reasoning Test before moving to the actual technical interview rounds. Hence, you’re also required to prepare yourself with Aptitude & Reasoning questions to ace in your upcoming interviews.

How to contact geeksforgeeks for any query?

Note: In case of any query, you can directly contact us at [email protected] As mentioned above, the course is designed for the students and working professionals to prepare them for the interview process of various IT giants.

Where can I share my'interview experiences'?

Here, you can find 'Interview Experiences' for all the companies! Recent 'Interview Experiences'! To share your "Interview Experience", please mail your interview experience to [email protected] Also, to share interview questions, please add questions at Contribute a Question!

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