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Frequently Asked Questions

How to embed JavaScript code in geeksforgeeks?

JavaScript code can be embedded inside head section or boy section --> <script> console.log ("Welcome to GeeksforGeeks"); </script> </body> </html> Output: The output will display on console.

What is the core language of JavaScript?

JavaScript contains a standard library of objects, like Array, Date, and Math, and a core set of language elements like operators, control structures, and statements. Client-side: It supplies objects to control a browser and its Document Object Model (DOM).

What are promises in JavaScript?

JavaScript | Promises. Difficulty Level : Easy. Last Updated : 03 Jan, 2019. Promises are used to handle asynchronous operations in JavaScript. They are easy to manage when dealing with multiple asynchronous operations where callbacks can create callback hell leading to unmanageable code.

What are the features of JavaScript?

Features of JavaScript: According to a recent survey conducted by Stack Overflow, JavaScript is the most popular language on earth. With advances in browser technology and JavaScript having moved into the server with Node.js and other frameworks, JavaScript is capable of so much more. Here are a few things that we can do with JavaScript:

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