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Frequently Asked Questions

How to check if multiplication between matrices is possible or not?

First check if multiplication between matrices is possible or not. For this, check if number of columns of first matrix is equal to number of rows of second matrix or not. If both are equal than proceed further otherwise generate output “Not Possible”.

How to find the minimum number of multiplications of 4 matrices?

The minimum number of multiplications are obtained by putting parenthesis in following way (A (BC))D --> 20*30*10 + 40*20*10 + 40*10*30 Input: p [] = {10, 20, 30, 40, 30} Output: 30000 There are 4 matrices of dimensions 10x20, 20x30, 30x40 and 40x30. Let the input 4 matrices be A, B, C and D.

How do you multiply two matrices with the same matrix?

Multiplication between Matrices When a matrix is multiplied with another matrix, the element-wise multiplication of two matrices take place. All the corresponding elements of both matrices will be multiplied under the condition that both matrices will be of the same dimension.

What is the use of%*% in matrix multiplication?

The Operator %*% is used for matrix multiplication satisfying the condition that the number of columns in the first matrix is equal to the number of rows in second. If matrix A [M, N] and matrix B [N, Z] are multiplied then the resultant matrix will of dimension M*N.

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