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Frequently Asked Questions

What is multi-threading socket programming in Python?

What is Multi-threading Socket Programming? Multithreading is a process of executing multiple threads simultaneously in a single process. A _thread module & threading module is used for multi-threading in python, these modules help in synchronization and provide a lock to a thread in use. A lock has two states, “locked” or “unlocked”.

What is thread synchronization in case of multithreading in Python?

This article discusses the concept of thread synchronization in case of multithreading in Python programming language. Thread synchronization is defined as a mechanism which ensures that two or more concurrent threads do not simultaneously execute some particular program segment known as critical section.

What is the main thread in Python?

In normal conditions, the main thread is the thread from which the Python interpreter was started. name attribute of thread object is used to get the name of thread. We use the threading.current_thread () function to get the current thread object.

How to spawn multiple threads in Python?

In Python, the threading module provides a very simple and intuitive API for spawning multiple threads in a program. Let us consider a simple example using threading module:

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