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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good Python projects to do?

Python Projects : Make Notepad using Tkinter. Color game using Tkinter in Python. Python | Message Encode-Decode using Tkinter. XML parsing in Python. Desktop Notifier in Python. Hangman Game in Python. Junk File Organizer in Python. Browser Automation Using Selenium.

How can I get hands-on experience with Python?

Python has become one of the most popular languages. So getting only the theoretical knowledge will be of no use unless and until you don’t work on some real-time projects. Working on such projects will test your Python knowledge and you will get some hands-on experience.

What is Python programming language?

Python is currently the most widely used multi-purpose, high-level programming language. Python allows programming in Object-Oriented and Procedural paradigms. Python programs generally are smaller than other programming languages like Java.

Why is Python so popular in programming?

Python in the world of programming everyone is familiar with the popularity of this language. Learning python and building the project is always an amazing experience for developers. This language really deserves hype in today’s era and why not if it can solve a lot of real-world problems.

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