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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the basic principles of solid?

SOLID Principles — explained with examples. 1 S - Single Responsibility Principle (known as SRP) 2 O - Open/Closed Principle. 3 L - Liskov’s Substitution Principle. 4 I - Interface Segregation Principle. 5 D - Dependency Inversion Principle.

What are the 5 principles of solid programming?

The SOLID principle was introduced by Robert C. Martin, also known as Uncle Bob and it is a coding standard in programming. This principle is an acronym of the five principles which is given below…. Single Responsibility Principle (SRP) Open/Closed Principle. Liskov’s Substitution Principle (LSP)

What is the open/closed principle in solid?

One of the five SOLID principles is the open/closed principle. The principle states that software entities like class, modules, functions, etc.; should be able to extend a class behavior without modifying it.

What is the SOLID principle in Java?

The SOLID principle helps in reducing tight coupling. Tight coupling means a group of classes are highly dependent on one another which you should avoid in your code. Opposite of tight coupling is loose coupling and your code is considered as a good code when it has loosely-coupled classes.

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