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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the two main steps in gene expression?

There are two major steps in gene expression: 1) transcription, and 2) translation. In transcription, information coded in the base sequence of DNA is transcribed into a strand of mRNA that leaves the nucleus through nuclear pores.

What is the function of gene expression?

Gene expression controls the amount and type of proteins that are expressed in a cell at any given point in time. This is in turn controlled by regulatory mechanisms which control the synthesis and degradation of proteins within a pathway.

What is main process does the gene expression include?

Gene Expression Sequence of Events in Gene Expression. ... Key phases in gene expression. ... The processes involved are: Splicing which is the cleavage of introns (non-coding sequences) and ligation of exons (coding sequences) with the help of several components that recognize specific sequences in ... Regulation of Gene Expression. ... More items...

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