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Frequently Asked Questions

Which genealogy software is best?

Mac Family Tree from Synium is the only Mac specific genealogy software in this category. Although since Synium released their first version of Mac Family Tree, most of the best genealogy programmes have become Mac compatible, all Mac users will tell you that software fine tuned specifically for the Mac is almost always superior.

What is the best software for family tree?

Regarded as the best family tree software on the market today. Legacy 9 has got this title because of the many features it contains. This software offers a lot of different chart types to the user, which is the most compared to any other program that is available.

What is the Best Family Tree Maker software?

For genealogists with large databases, Ancestral Quest is the best family tree software. This software is loaded with a dozen of search types and relationship calculators making it the ideal tool for searching people in large databases.

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