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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does GenealogyBank cost?

Genealogy Bank Costs & Features. Search for free. First month = $9.95. Subsequent months = $19.95. Monthly = $19.95. Annual = $5.83 per month. Records: more than 1 billion. Centuries: 320 years’ worth of newspapers. US: find out about your heritage, throughout US history.

How good is Genealogy Bank?

GenealogyBank is a reportedly good site. I just have not been able to find as much on my family as I had hoped. I have found genealogy bank a partner in research. Not only obituaries, but I found social columns and other news that adds color and personality to my research.

How do you trace your family history?

You can trace the history of your name to find its origin and meaning or to build a family tree. You can use genealogy to research your family's history and find out about your ancestors. While tracing the history of a name takes time, online genealogy resources can assist you. Interview your relatives to gather as much information as possible.

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