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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Gobur carousel slimline 10/2 the right choice for You?

Practical Caravan's experts give their verdict on the Gobur Carousel Slimline 10/2, a folding caravan aimed at couples with a small car and limited storage The Gobur 10/2 Slimline is a niche market tourer with a very British feel about it. It has a real charm and feels very personal.

How long has the carousel been in business?

In the early 1980s, we introduced the Carousel brand, which continued for over 30 years. Today we specialise in supplying top quality, reconditioned and warranted, pre-owned Carousels, having the largest display of folding caravans in the UK.

How is a carousel folding caravan managed?

A Carousel folding caravan is easily managed by one person. A detailed demonstration is freely given when viewing a Carousel. The video below shows how the main walls and roof of a Carousel are erected, with the internal fitments varying slightly from model to model.

Why choose a carousel Clubman?

For extra space and comfort beyond belief. The Carousel Clubman and Clubman ‘L’ provide the ultimate in folding caravan luxury. The increased body length makes the Clubman ideal for those who require all the benefits of a folding caravan coupled with optimum storage space and comfort.

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