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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Hermes' special powers?

The Greek god Hermes had the power to enter dreams, guide the souls of the dead to the underworld, and give luck and wealth. He also was the messenger of the gods of Olympus and had winged feet to help in this capacity. Hermes was also said to be the most youthful of all the gods.

What were Hermes ' accomplishments?

Often depicted as swift and youthful, Hermes was believed to be responsible for guiding departed souls to the underworld. The name 'Hermes' literally means 'boundary marker.' ... Recognizing what cunning and speed was needed to accomplish the cattle theft, he made Hermes the messenger of the gods.

What are some myths about Hermes?

The most famous myths and legends relating to Hermes (Mercury) are: The theft of the cattle of Apollo refer to Hermes and Apollo The transformation of Battos to stone The slaying of Argos Panoptes, the hundred-eyed guardian of the nymph Io The myth of Perseus and the gorgon Medusa The myth of Odysseus

What weapons did Hermes use?

The Caduceus is the trademark symbol and weapon of the messenger god Hermes. It was originally crafted by Apollo, but exchanged with Hermes for the lyre. It is a symbol of commerce (reflecting Hermes' patronage of commerce) and often confused with the Rod of Asclepius, a symbol of medicine.

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