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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an API for real-time currency conversion?

Currency API is a simple, reliable and real-time currency exchange API for current and historical forex rates & currency conversion. Further, using its timeframe endpoint, you can select a start and end date to get multiple currencies rates for each day.

Can I Put your currency converter on my site?

Any type of site can include a currency converter. You may have an online store, a small business website, or a WordPress blog, but either way, it is a good idea to have a WordPress currency converter. If you have an international audience and/or if you are selling something, then your website can definitely use a currency converter.

What is the formula to convert currency?

D = E x R ...and this is the basic formula for currency conversion used in currency converter.

How do you calculate currency exchange rate?

The formula for calculating exchange rates is to multiply when exchanging from base currency to a secondary currency, and to divide when vice-versa. Therefore, if the EUR/USD exchange rate is 1.30 euros, and $100 is to be converted into euros, the formula is $100 divided by 1.3, giving 76.92 euros.

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