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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Google Images and how does it work?

Google Images is one of Google's alternative search mechanisms, as well as video searches, news, shopping, books and maps. Through this, people can find specific sites, content or photos using the results of images instead of texts and links.

How does Google find images?

Google finds images by "crawling" the web. It's no different than how it finds any other content or web page on the Internet. More specifically, images on a page typically have HTML <img> tags which help the search boys immediately recognize that the address of the asset is an image.

How do you search Google for an image?

Click on the option “Search Google For This Image” that is at the bottom. This option will not work in the Google app or other browsers. If this option is not working, then you can also select the “Open Image” option and then copy the URL. After that you can go back to, and paste in the URL.

How do you use Google Pictures?

Use an Image to Find an Image. Go to the search bar and select the camera icon. If the image is on the Google Images page, drag it up to the bar. If not, paste its URL into the box or browse to locate it on your computer. If you use the Chrome browser, you can also start a reverse image search by right-clicking on a picture and selecting "Search Google for this image.".

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