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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are newspapers suing Google and Facebook?

As first reported by Axios, a collective of some 200 newspapers are currently suing Google and Facebook, alleging that the tech giants have unfairly manipulated the advertising market in ways that directly damage their publications.

Is it true that Google throws money at journalism?

It’s true that Google throws a lot of money at journalism fellowships and other news-related initiatives, though it’s probably a pittance in comparison to the ad revenue that papers had in a pre-Google world.

Why are Google and Facebook important to news publishers?

“Google and Facebook are the gateways to online news media for many consumers,” the report stated. “As a result, news publishers are reliant on these platforms for reaching people online, which affects publishers’ ability to monetize journalism, particularly on formats such as Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages.”

Is there a correlation between Google and the decline of Journalism?

Of course, Google doesn’t see a direct correlation between its success and the decline of journalism in America. When reached for comment by Gizmodo, a Google spokesperson provided us with the following statement:

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