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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the abbreviation for Governance Risk and compliance?

GRC as an acronym denotes governance, risk, and compliance - but the full story of GRC is so much more than those three words.

What is risk governance?

Risk governance is the architecturewithin which risk management operates in an organisation. It will reflect, and seek to sustain and evolve, the organisation’s risk culture. Since risk management is fundamental to running any business, risk governance is a fundamental part of corporate governance.

How does risk management contribute to good governance?

Risk management is central to good corporate governance because it closes the loop between strategic initiatives and day-to-day operational performances. It also provides the foundation for dynamic goal setting, balanced scorecards, and guided analysis.

What is compliance and risk management?

Compliance risk management is often put together as one concept. In reality, however, compliance is a form of risk management that a company or business adheres to in its operations. Generally, compliance risk management is related to the financial and banking industry, which is heavily regulated by laws and regulations.

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